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After I got sick of pitting sour cherries I borrowed a steam juice extractor from a friend and filled it up.Β  It was so much fun seeing the beautiful juice come out that I asked for one for my birthday!Β  My birthday’s coming up soon so I think I’m going to get it early and use it on some raspberries this coming weekend πŸ™‚

The steam juicer ready to go.

Since I was juicing at my parent’s house I didn’t put the juice directly into canning jars but I’m excited that, that is possible.Β  The juice comes out piping hot and with very little sediment.

{Putting Up} Sour Cherry Juice
Juice your sour cherries in a steam juicer or heat them in a large pot and strain out the pits and pulp.Β  Bring the cherry juice up to a boil and ladle it into hot, sterile pint jars.Β  Wipe the rims and seal.Β  Process the jars for 15 minutes (for 5k’ elevation)Β in a hot water bath.Β  Let cool and check the seals.

I love the bright color!

This juice is very good for you but is rather tart!Β  I plan to add it to homemade beverage concoctions or cook it down with a little sugar to make a syrup.Β  There was a little juice left over so I did cook that down with some sucanat and it’s a wonderful syrup that I’ve been adding to my kombucha.


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