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One of my favorite activities is foraging for wild mushrooms*.  Every time I get to go the image of a big Easter egg hunt in the woods pops into my mind.  🙂

When I was younger my Dad and I would go on forays with a local mycologist.  The group would pick any fungi we could find and everyone would come back together to learn how to identify them.  Those classes have left me very comfortable picking a selection of edible wild mushrooms.

Right now the chanterelles are out in Montana.  It’s pretty dry so they aren’t too big or prolific but my stash needed to be replenished so I had fun picking a basketful over the weekend.  Chanterelles do dehydrate well but I don’t like the texture of dried mushrooms so I froze mine for storage.  Below is a short slideshow of my process.

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Do you like to forage for wild foods?

*Please don’t ever pick and consume wild edible unless you know what you are doing!

I wish it would rain so we could get a haul like this again 🙂


Our best haul ever, 2009!


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