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I’m a sucker for items that can be dipped into or spread on any variety of foods; as you can probably tell from my ever growing Pinterest Board of appetizers that are mostly dips.

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Salsa, hummus, pesto, pate, dips… are all great to pair with one of my other favorite items, crunchy food!  Chips, crackers, pretzels, raw veggies… oh my!  With the Super Bowl last weekend and a WAPF potluck I had some great opportunities to get a few recipes off my “to make” list.  I didn’t have my camera with me so I only got a few pictures of the pate while I was making it, sorry!  Everything turned out delicious so I wanted to share links to the recipes I used.  They are definitely going into my pile of keeper recipes.

* Beer-Cheese Dip – I made this with raw sharp cheddar but it didn’t look as cool because the cheddar wasn’t dyed.  It was great with some thick pretzels dipped in and I’m going to put some of the leftover dip on burgers later this week, yum!

* Moroccan Carrot Dip – this was really good!  Even though the carrots are cooked they stay a really bright color and don’t have that gross cooked carrot taste.  I let it cool and then put it in my food processor so the texture was a little more fluffy then their picture.

* Chicken Liver Pate – I’m still trying really hard to eat liver on a regular basis.  So far I’ve been able to handle swallowing frozen, raw elk liver “pills” but most of the other dishes I’ve made are hard for me to swallow.  I’ve liked a few purchased liver mousses so this recipe with awesome ingredients like bacon and apples made me give it a go.  It was very mild and I’m actually excited that there are still 2 small bowls in the freezer that my husband and I can enjoy later.  When we do I’ll try and get some better pictures.

Did you make any delicious apps for Super Bowl that I should put on my “to make” list?  🙂


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